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The smoking wood block is the largest of the SmokinLicious® series of cooking wood chunks.  Our husky sized (4”x4”x6”) smoking wood blocks are the ideal flavor addition for off-set smokers with larger fire boxes, open pits and hog cookers.  The long, slow burning feature of our wood blocks for smoking saturates food with pulsed releases of rich hardwood smoke, forming layers of awesome flavor!

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There are times when a large piece of hardwood is needed.  That’s where the BBQ Wood Blocks come in to play.  Smoking wood blocks are milled expertly by the SmokinLicious® cutting team. Like all our chunk products, this dense piece of hardwood maintains grain integrity that we feel makes a flavor difference. Our milling process seals the sides of each BBQ wood block to provide a long lasting burn time. The wood’s flow of nutrients and moisture get a boost, producing a supply of rich, natural flavors to foods during a long fire and smoke.  Sold by the cubic foot carton, you can select up to 2 of our 8 hardwoods in each carton.

When you need something larger than the average wood chunk but smaller than a log, think of our BBQ Wood Blocks!


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