Smoker Logs

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SmokinLicious® BBQ smoker logs provide you with choices.  No more settling for a “split firewood log”.  Instead, you can find the ideal size to fit your equipment.  Including hybrid grills that allow for charcoal, wood, and gas cooking.

Our BBQ smoker logs provide exceptional wood-fired flavoring, long burn times, and low ash production resulting in lower equipment maintenance.  That means cost savings for you. These logs are clean, solid pieces of forest harvested North American hardwood.  Plus, we use only “heartwood” for our smoker logs.  This allows us to dial in the perfect moisture level for the best smoking results!

Our manufacturing process is so clean, we’ve earned Kosher certification.  We assure you that our smoking logs are manufactured from real North American hardwood NEVER from some by-product or waste product.  Our BBQ smoker logs are custom sized to fit YOUR equipment requirements!  Choose from Full Cut, Quarter Cut (mini log) and customized commercial Friction smoking logs.

Full Cut Logs

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Quarter Cut Logs

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By trying our BBQ smoker logs, you’ll “taste” first-hand the benefits of our Culinary logs in your menu creations.  If YOUR Equipment requires only wood for fuel, or has gas or electric ignition and requires wood for flavor, then our BBQ smoker logs will be a perfect fit!  Let SmokinLicious® help you begin your own wood-fired flavor journey.  Enjoy all the benefits of 100% bark-free, chemical-free, “heartwood” of North American hardwood. We offer a full menu of premium smoker log products!

Friction Logs

In the market for Friction Logs?  Our smokehouse Friction Logs are cut on specialized precision equipment to custom mill these “Heartwood” pieces into the exact dimensions to fit your equipment’s smoke generator attachment!   We custom manufacture all our friction logs with fresh cuts (on all sides) to maximize the logs sliding potential and prevent stress points.  Our standard friction logs have a “blade” surface on all six sides.    Friction logs are available in a 4 sided “smooth” surface if required for your equipment slide.

Our specialty mill allows us to custom cut our logs to any width, height and even length to meet your equipment’s needs.  Yes, we cut the standard requested sizes (80 x80x950mm or 80x100x950mm, etc.).   But remember, with SmokinLicious®, you’re never restricted to ONLY these sizes.  Let us dial in your moisture needs to maximize smoke output for your products. Without question, our Friction logs generate the best smoke – giving you a huge advantage for exceptional wood smoke food flavoring.  Contact Us for a quote!

Enjoy 3 Sizing Options

For the smaller commercial unit or home-user units, you’ll still find our bark-free, heartwood BBQ smoker logs in full cut size and quarter cut (Pizza Legno) sizing.  Both sold with up to 2 hardwood choices per carton, with 8 hardwoods to choose from.

Begin the SmokinLicious® “Flavor Journey” for you and your guests today!

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Full Cut Logs, Quarter Cut Logs


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