Wood Chunks

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Popular with Executive Chefs, commercial cooks and backyard grillers, our BBQ wood chunks have the very best features for food smoking processes to deliver unsurpassed flavor. Their consistent burn time allows for a penetrating smoke vapor, seasoning food with an appealing combination of rich color and supreme taste. Like all our products, SmokinLicious® BBQ wood chunks for smoking are 100% hardwood and free of bark, chemicals or impurities. This earned us the coveted Kosher quality certification. You won’t find a higher mark of quality in the food industry! Offered in two sizes: Double Filet (smaller of the two averaging 2x2x3″) and Single Filet (larger size averaging 3.5×3.5×2.25″).

Double Filet Wood Chunks

Double Filet Wood Chunk
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Selection 2 double or (none)
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Single Filet Wood Chunk

Single Filet Wood Chunk
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We know BBQ wood chunks!  That’s why we give you choices.  It’s this intimate knowledge of wood’s many factors that drives us to cater to you.  Providing only the best, safest cooking, grilling and smoking wood.  From this standard, our BBQ smoking wood chunks are carefully hand filleted – a meticulous process that yields a clean, splinter-free cut which maintains the grain integrity of natural hardwood.  To a large extent, the wood’s grain bolsters its flow of nutrients and moisture.   These are key factors for releasing rich, natural flavors to foods when fired.  SmokinLicious® hand fileted wood chunks for smoking come in two sizes – Single Filet & Double Filet with a choice of eight different hardwood species. Plus, enjoy selecting up to 3 hardwoods with every single carton purchase, no mater what size box.  Perk up your food!  Introduce everything to the unique flavors of our perfect hardwoods and unleash your imagination for wood combinations.



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