Wood Chips for Smoking

Our culinary quality Grande Sapore-larger smoker chips have many uses:
 LP/Gas grills, kettle grills, charcoal grills, smoking tubes/pipes, smoking boxes, traditional smokers, stove top smoker pans, and even the homemade aluminum foil pouch. Keep in mind that some electric and gas smokers are designed to only handle wood chips for smoking.

The key to adding flavor to meats, poultry, fish even fruits and vegetables, is to use quality hardwoods. At SmokinLicious®, we only provide the heartwood of hardwoods, meaning our products are always free of resin, spores, and bark. Plus, we use woods that are ideal for wood-fired cooking methods to balance the overall flavor infusion. Be sure to follow us on social media to gain access to our vast wood fired techniques and recipes!

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