Smokin’ Dust®

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Smokin’ Dust® is made from our air collected wood flour and all natural flavorings formulated for food application. SmokinLicious® Smokin’ Dust® is a wonderful way to add flavor to fragile food items like fish, vegetables, and cocktails, which do not require long smoking times.  Perfect for The Smoking Gun™, Smokin Tube®, Deni Hand Held Smoker and many other cold smoking equipment.

Natural Flavors

Smokin' Dust® Options
Natural Flavors
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Premium Flavors

Smokin' Dust® Options
Premium Flavors
Special Packaging Instrcutions


Our cold smoking wood chips – Smokin’ Dust® is offered in 8 natural flavors and 15 Premium food grade flavors.  Just like our other product offerings, this is made from natural hardwoods.  Our flavor-enhanced premium smoking wood chips – dust, have food-grade flavorings added.  No worries about pesticides or chemicals in our cold smoking wood chips and Smokin’ Dust®.  It’s the safe way to add flavors to your cold smoking, hot smoking and natural grilling.

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Natural Flavors, Premium Flavors


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