Christmas Greeting 2017

Just like the excitement and good tidings from Santa’s sleigh filled to the brim with presents, the culinary crew at SmokinLicious® delivers this ‘Holiday Greeting Card’ to all our wood cooking & cuisine smoking friends, customers and supporters from across the world. Happy Holidays!

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a Double Filet supply- the most popular of cooking & smoking wood products from SmokinLicious® Gourmet Wood Products, preferred by both home and commercial cooks because it is bark-free, has no chemicals and is moisture controlled for the best smoke vapor to flavor foods!

Bubba the BBQer


Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I’d like Minuto® cooking wood chips from SmokinLicious® because they are screened with care to meet the operating specs of my commercial smoking equipment, making it much more efficient to deliver that great smoky flavor desired by my customers!

Chef Claude


Dear Santa,

For this Christmas, I’d like a ‘Flavour The Fire’ cooking wood assortment from SmokinLicious® because I don’t want the limited space of my city apartment to hold back pursuing my interests in wood-fired cooking & smoking.



Dear Santa,

On my Christmas list, please find ‘Bourbon Flavor Infused Grande Sapore® Wood Chips’ from SmokinLicious®. I really want to impress my guests with a wood cooking product perfect for smoke . One that is both a great cooking wood chip and that offers a subtle hint of bourbon flavor.


Happy Holidays from all of us at SmokinLicious®!!

Dr Smoke- "I hope your sleigh is filled with great products to bring joy in the 2018 barbecue season!"

Dr Smoke- “Here’s to your full sleigh with great cooking wood products to bring joy in the 2018 barbecue season!”