Our Art rendition of the steps in making the Smokey Jack Frost Cocktail

Our Art rendition of the steps in making the Smokey Jack Frost Cocktail


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Also known as the winter piña colada, the Jack Frost cocktail is perfect for introducing a little smoke flavor to. If you like sweet, smooth cocktails, then the Jack Frost is for you. I’ll give you the recipe and the easy technique for smoking the entire drink that you’ll enjoy sipping all winter long. Pick your favorite festive cocktail glass and let’s take Jack Frost to the smoky side.

Jack Frost Cocktail- A Sweet Rimmed Glass

coating the rim of the glass


Before we can make the actual cocktail, the serving glass must be prepared. Collect your favorite glasses, some finely shredded coconut, and light corn syrup. With a paper towel, apply a thin coating of corn syrup to the rim of each glass. Place a small amount of shredded coconut on a plate and dip the coated glass into the coconut. Be sure to lift and press the glass into the coconut a couple of times to ensure an even coating of the rim. Set aside until the cocktail is ready to be poured.

Jack Frost Cocktail- Processing the Cocktail

Adding the coconut mixture to the drink


I prefer to make a slightly frozen style cocktail so I start by adding ice to the food processor, followed by 1 cup of pineapple juice, ½ cup of vodka, ½ cup of Blue Curacao, and ½ cup of cream of coconut. Pulse this mixture until smooth or the ice is reduced to the consistency you prefer.

Tasting Notes: Although I’ve elected to use plain vodka in my Jack Frost, you’ll find peppermint vodka another great alternative that gives a particularly festive flavor to the drink.

Jack Frost Cocktail Gets Smoked

By using a handheld food smoker , introducing controlled smoke to a cocktail couldn’t be easier. I’m using The Smoking Gun™ by Breville to do just that.

Since I’ve produced a full batch of the Jack Frost cocktail, I place the cocktail pitcher into a plastic bag, insert the hose of the smoker, and add a pinch of Piccolo® wood chips to the device. The unit is turned on and the chips lit which begins the cold smoke production. Once the bag and pitcher are full of smoke, the device is turned off, the hose removed and the bag cinched to allow for full smoke infusion. I like to shake the liquid a bit in the pitcher to be sure the smoke vapor clings to the drink molecules.

The finished Jack Frost


You can decide how long to leave the smoke in the bag or wait until it has completely dissipated before removing the pitcher. Now pour the smoked cocktail into your rimmed glasses and let the party begin!



Now you can enjoy a video tutorial on this recipe as we collaborated with our friends at Passing It On. Get the visual step-by-step directive on making this fabulous smoked cocktail!

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For more reading related to Holiday Cocktails are coming! using the #handheldsmoker

For more reading related to Holiday Cocktails are coming! using the #handheldsmoker

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