January 2020

Our Grilled Parsnips with added wood smoky flavor taste almost like French Fries!

Our Grilled Parsnips with added wood smoky flavor taste almost like French Fries!


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Your diet likely doesn’t consistent of many root vegetables and I can guarantee that if you have kids, they may not have tried more than a carrot for a root vegetable.  I’m going to introduce you to parsnips which is one root vegetable that when grilled, takes on a flavor very similar to French fries.

That’s why I’m calling this recipe my Smoked Parsnip Fries with Spicy Honey Glaze.  As easy to prepare as it’s cousin the carrot, parsnips take no time at all to prepare and smoke on the grill.  Go to the market and get yourself about 2 pounds of this lesser used vegetable and let’s convert you from the potato to the parsnip!

What do parsnips taste like?

 Parsnips are a sweet root vegetable with a flavor profile between a carrot and potato. While related to the carrot and parsley family, parsnips have a deeper taste and stronger texture, which lends itself to cooking, grilling, and smoking. We recommend smoking this vegetable to improve its woodsy sweetness taste.

Got 5 Minutes?

The parsnips have been clean of the outer skin, washed and sliced to size


Just like carrots, likely the more popular root vegetable, parsnips grow as a tuberous root and can be eaten raw, though most people prefer to cook them.  Once mature, they are harvested and sold in the grocery stores.  I do a simple end trim and peel them with a vegetable peeler.  Next, I cut them into 3-inch lengths and the width of an average potato French fry.  I then toss them with ¼ cup of oil – I’m using avocado oil but you can also use olive, almond, walnut, grape-seed or similar high heat oil – and kosher salt and fresh ground pepper.  Now they’re ready for the grill.

Tasting Notes: When selecting parsnips, it’s important to look for ones that have a smooth surface with no cuts or indentations.  Because they are a root vegetable, it’s important to rinse them well under water before preparing.

 Two-Zone Grill Smoking

Our smoker box is all set on the lite side of the grill and the parsnips on the unlite!


The best method of cooking our pre-cut parsnips is on a sheet pan.  This will ensure that the cuts of parsnip get equal browning and tenderization.  Just like roasting in your oven, I’ll be using a higher grill temperature of 400-425° F on my gas grill.  Total cooking time should be roughly 45 minutes to tenderize the parsnips.  For added flavor, I’ve included three double filet wood chunks to a metal smoker box.  These usually have wood chips added to them but I’ve found wood chunks much easier with less mess and no need to refill with more wood.

I’m using a traditional two-zone setup that involves using  ½ the burners of my unit set to a medium-high setting and ½ the burners are left off.  The smoker box will go on the hot side of the grill while our sheet pan of pre-cut parsnips will go on the cold side.  Half way through cooking time I rotate the sheet pan to ensure even browning.  That’s it!

Chef Bert and Tom go over the set up for two zone cooking


Grilled Parsnips Glaze ‘Em for Added Flavor

While the parsnips are turning golden and tender on the grill, it’s time to start on the glaze.  Begin by melting 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter in a small saucepan.  Add two chiles or ¾ teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes, one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and 1 tablespoon honey.  Stir the parsnips occasionally until the glaze holds together well.  Set aside and go to the grill and check on the grilled parsnips.  When tender and golden brown, remove from the grill.  The wood chunks will be 100% carbonized.  I’ll like to save these to use in my charcoal grill as a charwood fuel product for a natural charcoal.

pouring the honey sauce over the finished grilled pasnips and ready to serve


With simple trimming and peeling, these grilled parsnips become even more flavorful when wood flavored on the grill.  Two zone cooking makes it easy to step away while the parsnips cook giving you plenty of time to make the great spicy honey glaze to finish off perfectly grilled parsnips.

Remove the parsnips from the grill, place on a serving platter, and drizzle the spicy honey glaze over the parsnips when ready to serve.   Today’s Smoky Grilled Parsnip Fries are going beside a ground chuck burger for more of a traditional taste of burger and fries.

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SmokinLicious® products used for this recipe:


Wood Chunks- Double Filet

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Filete flanco enrollado- todos los ingredientes están mezcladas con filete flanco enrollado y atar para asado.

Filete flanco enrollado- todos los ingredientes están mezcladas con filete flanco enrollado y atar para asado.

Una gran idea de receta con el uso de espárragos cocinado y filete flanco. Mientras los filetes flancos enrollados se estén cocinando en la parrilla de carbón/parrilla de gas o aun en el horno!


  • espárragos cocinado
  • 2-3 libras de filete flanco
  • 4 onzas de hojas de espinacas
  • Aceite de oliva (o pesto)
  • 4 onzas de queso de mozarela
  • Pimienta y sal para un buen sabor

Si cocina con carbón o parrilla de gas use “doble” filete con trozos de madera para añadir un sabor adicional.


Preparando el filete

La idea es machacar el filete con un mazo de carne para ablandarlo. Me gusta cubrir el filete flanco con aceite de oliva, pimienta molida fresca, y kosher sal y ponerlo en plástico envuelto para marinarlo por lo menos de seis horas, pero prefiero marinarlo por la noche. Después de marinarlo, puedo empezar a ensamblar con los otros ingredientes.

Ensamblando el filete flanco enrollado

Coloque el filete flanco y ponga las hojas de espinacas superponiéndolas en el proceso. Ahora tome las mitades de tronchos de espárragos y úntelas después. Finalmente, ponga el queso de mozarela y añade con sal y pimienta. Recuerde que, si el queso no está fresco, tendrá un poco de sal encima y se debe que tener cuidado añadiendo más sal. Ahora, empezando a lo largo de la parte más larga del filete flanco, empieza a rodarlo empacando el relleno. Después de que esté completamente enrodado, tome 6 pulgadas de cordel de carne precortada y se ate alrededor del filete flanco enrollado cada dos pulgadas. Estas piezas llegaran a ser tamaños de porción. Corte el filete flanco entre los cordeles y ponga cada pieza de filete en una bandeja de hornear.

Cocinando filete de flanco enrollado

Cocine los filetes en una bandeja de hornear por aproximadamente 30 minutos. El filete flanco rendirá mucho jugo o líquido, para prevenir que se derrame use una rejilla de asar. Después de que el queso de mozarela se vuelva de color dorado, estará listo para sacarlo del horno. Deje que se descaliente por unos 5 a 10 minutos antes de servirlo.


Esto es solamente una idea de combinación de sabor que funciona muy bien con el filete y los espárragos asado. Otras combinaciones incluyen corazón de alcachofa, pimientos rojos asados, col rizada, y hasta quinoa si quiere añadir una textura de grano.

Nuestro plato completamente cocido de filete de tres flancos rollos con queso y espárragos asado


Filete flanco enrollado con espárragos asado- Una de las ideas geniales para usar y cocinar con espárragos fresco esta temporada.

El equipo culinario quiere informarle que…

… que a cause de la popularidad y la versatilidad en muchas recetas, habrá dificultades encontrando el filete flanco en la tienda de comestibles o en su carnicería. El filete flanco es venerado porque es bajo en grasa y muy saboroso. ¡No se preocupe y si no está disponible para usted, hay otras opciones! Otras opciones como solomillo de tres puntas en rogadas o aguja asada ofrecerá el mismo deleite a su paladar.

Bon Bar B Q

Dr. Smoke y el equipo culinario.

Productos SmokinLicious® utilizados en esta receta:

Foto de nuestros trozos de madera especial usó en filete flanco enrollado


Trozos de madera: “Doble” filete

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Chunk hombre: Para más lecturas relacionadas con filete flanco enrollado con espárragos asado.

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Dr. Smoke- ¡pruebe filete flanco enrollado con espárragos asado!

Dr. Smoke- ¡pruebe filete flanco enrollado con espárragos asado!

Our perfect Smoked Peach Relish which is perfectly paired with Shrimp for a tasty dish!

Our perfect Smoked Peach Relish which is perfectly paired with Shrimp for a tasty dish!

Smoke peach Relish is a tasty compliment to seafood! Click To Tweet

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Peach season!  One that lends so many different options to your food experience.  Whether consumed raw or used in entrees or desserts, I aim to bring another flavor level to this much anticipated seasonal fruit by adding wood-fired flavoring.  Then I’ll take these flavorful peach halves and introduce you to a peach relish that is perfect for topping fish and seafood.

Visit your favorite farm stand, fresh market, or your own peach tree and pick three firm, fresh peaches and bring them to the kitchen for preparation before hitting the wood-fired grill.  Oh, and we have plans for additional recipes with smoked peaches so do some extras while you have the grill or smoker going.

Easy Prep for the Grill or Smoker

Skinning our freshly harvested peaches


Although yellow is the most common peach available, know that there is a white variety as well.  Both have easy to remove pits that make them easy to prepare for your favorite recipes.

Start by peeling the skin from the peaches, you’ll need 3 for this recipe, though I’m doing a full sheet pan for additional recipes.  Once peeled, using a paring knife, slice thru the center of the peach along the pit.  Gently separate into two halves then remove the pit.  Place the pitted and peeled peach half cut side down on a sheet pan.  Continue with the remaining peaches.  I’ll be using my gas grill set up with a smoker box of wood chunks to bring a smoky flavor to the fruit.  I’ve placed my smoker box directly on my heat diffuser to get the wood hot and smoldering quickly.  My pan of peach halves is placed on the unlit side of the grill.  Lid down on the grill and allow these peaches to tenderize slightly and infuse the smoke flavor.  I’ll check on them in about 15 minutes.

our tray of smoked peaches on the gas grill using a two zone cooking method to add wood smoke flavor.



 Tasting Notes: Keep in mind, flavors from wood on a gas grill will not be as intense as those on a charcoal unit.  Keep this in mind when you select the equipment to infuse the smoke flavor into the peaches.

Relish Ingredients for Smoked Peach Relish

Adding our wet ingredients to the pepper mix


While the peaches are absorbing all that great hardwood flavor on the grill, let’s get started on the base for our peach relish.  To begin, I’ll get my mortar although you can also use a mini food processor.  Place one minced garlic clove into the mortar.  Add one chili pepper (serrano, jalapeno, & Hungarian make good choices) that has been seeded and minced.  To that, add 2 tablespoons of light brown sugar.  Using your pestle or the processor, pound or pulse until a paste is formed.  Remember, fresh ingredients will make for the best relish flavors.

With the base paste made to our peach relish, it’s time to add the liquids to balance the spicy and sweet flavors.  Start by adding 2 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of lime juice and 3 tablespoons of oyster sauce.  Transfer the relish base to a large bowl.  Now return to the grill and remove the peach halves.  These should be browned from the smoke infusion.  Remove 6 halves and dice each.  Add them to the bowl with the base.  Let’s get ready for the final flavors.

The Ultimate Relish Flavors

Adding fresh herbs added to our rice


The final flavors are the fresh herbs that need to be added right before serving.  This includes ¼ cup of fresh, chopped cilantro and 2 tablespoons of fresh mint.  As peaches tends to be a delicate fruit meat, it’s important to gently mix everything together; don’t over combine.  Serve immediately with your favorite fish or seafood.   In fact, this is even great with just some toasted bread.  I’ve served mine today with brown rice and simple seasoned shrimp with a side of yellow waxed beans. Delicate yet full of balanced flavors that will surprise you coming from a smoked fruit.


What’s your favorite recipe using smoked or grill peaches?  Leave us a comment to opine and subscribe to get all our postings on tips, techniques and recipes.  Bringing innovation to wood fired cooking with recipes, techniques and the science behind the fire, smoke, and flavor. That’s SmokinLicious®.

SmokinLicious Products used in this Smoked Peach Relish recipe:

Our special split double filet wood chunk use to smoke the peaches for our smoked peach relish


Wood Chunks- Double & Single Filet

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For more reading related to Smoked Peach Relish try other recipes

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Dr. Smoke-This Smoked Peach Relish recipe is perfect accompaniment to any dish when we want a subtle fruity taste!

Dr. Smoke-This Smoked Peach Relish recipe is perfect accompaniment to any dish when we want a subtle fruity taste!

Ember Fired Eggplant on the rack cooking above a bed of hot coals. This technique provides the heat for cooking and the aroma of the wood smoke

Ember Fired Eggplant on the rack cooking above a bed of hot coals. This technique provides the heat for cooking and the aroma of the wood smoke


You’ve heard me mention before how great it is to ember or coal fire certain foods, with a good majority of those items falling in the fruit category.  One of the best fruits to use this technique with is eggplant.

Not of Nutritional Value

we selected two nice and plump eggplants for our ember cooking Eggplant, also called aubergine, is part of a flowering plant grown for its edible fruit.  This is a thick-skinned fruit that has a meaty quality to its flesh.  In fact, it can make for a filling meal.  Eggplant contains a lot of water – 92% to be specific!  It is not known to be a contributor for daily nutritional intake.  Despite all that, Eggplant remains a favorite ingredient to cook with.

Nestling is Key

When cooking in the coals, it is best to use medium sized eggplant.  It doesn’t matter what variety you select, the technique for cooking in the coals will remain the same.

Starting the fire

First, you need to start with a good wood fire, using clean hardwood.  In order to do this technique successfully, you need to ensure that there are no flames left in the fire, just hot coals.  You’ll know the coals are ready for the cooking when they are completely grayed over.  If your grilling area is large enough, you can stage a couple of burning wood pieces to provide additional heat to the area.  Just don’t cook directly in those flames.

preparing the hot coals for the eggplant. you want these to burn down leaving only the heat and no flame to burn the eggplant. Ember cooking is only over hot coals.When the coals are ready, make sure the embers are in an even layer and then place the eggplants side by side in the embers.  I like to use a fine screen in the bottom of my charcoal area to aide in heat retention.  Now, leave these untouched for about 10 minutes.  After that time, you can turn the eggplant to ensure all sides get evenly charred.  If you make a large enough fire, you can bury the eggplant completely in the hot coals and not have to do any turning.  That technique will require about 30 minutes of cooking time.

Chef Bert teaches Neighbor Tom about ember cooking


Blackened, Charred Skin Makes It Ready

Once the Ember Fired Eggplant has tenderized in the coals, it’s time to carefully remove it. Cool the eggplant, so it won’t burn and can be handled.  Then, slice each eggplant open from end to end, and gently scoop out the flesh.  Be sure to leave all the charred skin behind.  If you’re ready to use this in a recipe, then no need to do anything more to the eggplant.  If you plan on using it later, you must prevent the eggplant flesh from turning dark by incorporating 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and enough water to cover the flesh.  When finished, it’s best to store the Ember Fired Eggplant in a glass jar, bowl, or other container.

6 Needed Ingredients

To make the Ember Fired Eggplant with Feta Tarts, you’ll need a muffin pan and the following food ingredients:

  • Flesh from 1 medium size coal-fired eggplant
  • ¾ cup crumbled feta cheese (about 3 ounces)
  • ¼ cup roughly chopped pistachios, plus 2 tablespoons for topping the tarts
  • ground coriander about ¼ teaspoon
  • ¼ teaspoon red-pepper flakes
  • 1 tablespoon fresh mint leaves, finely chopped
  • 5 sheets frozen phyllo dough, thawed
  • Extra virgin olive oil for brushing dough and preparing muffin pan

Wood Flavored Eggplant Mixture

removing any char from the fire and then chopping up the eggplant to be added as the tart fillingRoughly chop the wood fired eggplant.  Then transfer to a medium bowl and add feta, 3 tablespoons chopped pistachios, coriander, red-pepper flakes, and mint.  Season with salt and fresh ground pepper and stir gently to combine.

Making the Tarts

Lightly oil the muffin pan cups.  Lay 1 sheet of phyllo dough on a board and lightly brush with oil.  Stack 4 more phyllo sheets on top, brushing each with oil.  Cut the stacked sheets into 6 equal squares.  Carefully, pick up each square and place in a muffin cup, gently pressing in place.  Fill each dough cup with about ¼ cup of eggplant mixture.  Gently fold over the corners of the dough to enclose the filling as a tart.  Brush tops with oil and sprinkle with crushed pistachios.  Then Bake until golden brown, about 30 minutes.  Let cool for 5 minutes, then serve.

showcasing the finished product! Our ember roasted eggplant within the feta tart- yummy





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What can I roast over a fire?

Just about any fruit or vegetable can be roasted over a fire.  Vegetables and fruits with a dense, husky outer skin do very well when grilled with gas, charcoal and wood fuels.  Eggplant is ideal for roasting over an open fire or directly on hot embers (ember cooking).

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SmokinLicious® products used in this recipe:

Our wonderful Single Filet wood chunks are featured in this ember fired eggplant recipe


Wood Chunks- Single Filet

Dr Smoke- "Try this because it's a really tasty appetizer and easy to make."

Dr Smoke- “Try this because it’s a really tasty appetizer and easy to make.”

¡Nuestro costillas cortas terminado con adobo de soya y hoisin!

¡Nuestro costillas cortas terminado con adobo de soya y hoisin!

Uno de mis cortes favoritos de carne de res para ahumar y hacer a la parrilla es la costilla flanco de carne de res. Estes son cortes de costillas cortas de carne de res conocido como flanken. En el estilo flanken de costillas cortas, este corte delgado que es de aproximadamente 1/2 pulgada de espesa, va a través de los huesos para que cada rebanada contiene unos trozos de hueso en lugar de entre los huesos como se hace en las costillas cortas tradicionales.

Esta es una manera popular de cortar las costillas cortas si vas a una barbacoa coreana, similar a lo que estamos haciendo con nuestro adobo que tiene influencias asiáticas. Recomiendo hacer alrededor de 4 libras de costilla corta estila flanken aunque hoy estoy haciendo 8 libras, lo que significa que estoy duplicando la receta. La mejor parte es que estas costillas no tardan mucho en ahumar en la parrilla.

Utilizo un método de cocción de dos zonas que permite que este sea un método de ahumar debajo estrés. Pídele a tu carnicero un corte de costilla de flanqueo de carne de res y encendamos la parrilla u horno para ahumar para nuestra versión de costillas de carne res con soya y hoisin adobo.

Se trata sobre todo el adobo

Lo que me gusta sobre estas costillas es que el carnicero hace todo el trabajo.Vienen listos para ser marinados-ningún recorte adicional para obtener el mismo tamaño que un buen carnicero ya sabrá hacerlo para tiempo uniforme de cocción.

Nuestro adobo de hoisin


Para que estas costillas de flanco prueben muy tierno y sabroso, necesitamos hacer un adobo que se queda en las costillas por 24 horas.

Primero, preparo bolsas de almacenamiento congelador para el adobo, colocando aproximadamente 8 costillas por bolsa. Quieres que el adobo todo alrededor de las costillas. Para el adobo combinar:

  • 3/4 taza de salsa de soya baja de sodio
  • 1/2 taza de azúcar moreno claro lleno
  • 1/2 taza de vinagre de vino de arroz sin sazonado
  • 1/2 taza de salsa hoisin
  • 1/2 taza de agua
  • 2 cucharadas de aceite de sésamo
  • 2 cucharadas de ajopicado
  • 1 cucharada de raíz de jengibre fresco pelado y picado
  • 1 cucharada de cebolla en polvo

Vierta cantidades iguales del adobo en cada bolsa de almacenamiento, expulse el aire extra de las bolsas, selle y refrigere por 24 horas.

Notas de degustación: Este es un adobo básico que tiene sabores asiáticos. No es picante, así que, si quieres un poco más calor, piensa en añadir una salsa asiática de ajo y chili. Sólo tiene que reducir el ajo picado a 1 cucharada y añadir 2 cucharadas de salsa de ajo-chili o una cantidad al nivel de calor que desee.

Parrilla de dos zonas para ahumar

Cuando configuras una parrilla o un horno para ahumar con un método de cocción de dos zonas, puedes asegurarte de que los alimentos no son ahumados demasiados ni se secarán. Mientras preparo las costillas en las rejillas, precaliente la parrilla a 350 grados Fahrenheit encendiendo solo la mitad de los quemadores. En esos quemadores, pongo una caja para ahumar con trozos de madera de roble directamente en los blindajes del quemador.

Nuestro cocción de parrilla de dos zonas se preparan con nuestros trozos de madera


Voy a usar una bandeja con rejillas para cocinar las costillas ya que estas costillas tendrán mucho adobo que no quiero lixivian en el área de la parrilla. Esta es una manera de evitar tener mucha grasa en la unidad de captura por goteo y recolección de grasa de su parrilla.

Pongo las costillas en el lado sin iluminar de la parrilla y cierro la tapa. Dejaré que esto se vaya aproximadamente 12 minutos antes de voltear. Otros 8-10 minutos y estos están listos. Reponga los trozos de madera según sea necesario para mantener el sabor del humo. Estoy haciendo 8 libras de costillas así que esto será alrededor de 5 rotaciones de cocción en total.

Notas de degustación: Sin duda se puede cocinar directamente en las rejillas de la parrilla si no le importa un poco de limpiar a las rejillas cuando termines y la necesidad de vaciar la bandeja de recogida goteando. Además, asado de carbón de estas costillas es simplemente fácil mediante el uso de la cocción de dos zonas característica en esa parrilla también.

¡Costillas cortas listos en un instante!

Puede medir el tiempo de cocción buscando dorado en el exterior de las costillas. Cuando un lado se haya dorado, la vuelta y deje que el otro lado colorea. Retire las costillas terminadas y pone en un plato y agregue un poco de cebolla verde fresca picada y semillas de sésamo blanco. ¡Estos están listos!

Nuestro costillas cortas terminado


Si necesario con anticipación, simplemente recalentar las costillas en un horno debajo temperatura – me gusta 275 grados Fahrenheit- en una sartén cubierta de papel de aluminio, pero añadir la cebolla y las semillas de sésamo sólo cuando esté listo para servir. Si es para el entretenimiento de verano, la planificación de la fiesta, la fiesta de entremeses, o simplemente para traer los sabores de la cocina al aire libre, ¡esta es la costilla perfecta hecha en un instante!

¿Cuál es tu receta favorita de costilla de flanco? Déjanos un comentario para opinarse y suscríbete para obtener todas nuestras publicaciones sobre los consejos, técnicas y recetas. Aportando innovación a la cocción a fuego de madera con recetas, técnicas y la ciencia detrás del fuego, el humo y el sabor. Eso es SmokinLicious®.

Productos SmokinLicious® utilizados en esta receta:

Foto de nuestros trozos de madera de filete único


Trozos de madera: Filete “único”

Chunk hombre: Para más lecturas relacionadas con costillas cortas

Chunk hombre: Para más lecturas relacionadas con costillas cortas

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Dr. Smoke- ¡pruebe nuestras costillas cortas!

Dr. Smoke- ¡pruebe nuestras costillas cortas!

Our wood-fired clams casino on the offset grill with brick and the finished product

Our wood-fired clams casino on the offset grill with brick and the finished product



Wood fired cooking on a charcoal grill is fun with clams! You have tasted steamers, top neck clams, clams casino now try wood-fired clams casino! These wood roasted clams casino in our grilled clams casino recipe is a must try anytime you grill! This two-zone cooking method is easy with a foil-covered brick!

listen to the audio of this blog posting

Have you ever noticed how many ingredients go with clams?  This low fat, high protein seafood also has many beneficial minerals.  They are also one of the most sustainable seafood resources.

I thought I would provide an easy wood-fired cooking method that can be done on your charcoal grill (you certainly can modify a few setup items and do this on the gas grill as well using wood) and produce the most flavorful clams casino out there.

Go find some similarly sized clams, fire up the grill, and get ready for this recipe and technique to become your favorite.

our ingredient table with everything ready for the stuffing!

Hot Coal Grilling

Our recipe is quite simple: gather together

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 oz. sliced pancetta or bacon, finely chopped
  • 1 cup finely diced red bell pepper
  • 1/3 cup chopped shallots
  • 2 large garlic cloves, minced (you can use pre-minced garlic)
  • ¼ teaspoon dried parsley
  • 1/3 cup dry white wine
  • 4 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan
  • 2 tablespoons panko breadcrumbs
  • salt & fresh ground pepper
  • 18 medium clams, shucked, bottom shells reserved


Before starting on the casino filling, it’s important that you get the grill ready.  First, you’ll want to get a chimney starter of charcoal going.  I’m using SmokinLicious® charwood in place of traditional charcoal as this is a partially charred product that will also provide for some hardwood flavor infusion.  Once lit, the chimney starter needs to burn down the charwood to hot coals – no flame should be visible when you dump this into the grill.

our wire mesh on the charcoal rack to retain all the small and hot pieces

For my charcoal grill, I’ve set a mesh screen at the base of my kettle grill to allow me to retain as many hot coals as possible.  The screen helps to prevent small coals from falling through the charcoal area.   I’ve also covered brick with heavy-duty foil to act as a heat conductor and radiator.  This will help to keep a constant temperature during the actual cooking process.  The brick will also separate the cooking area from the fuel area.  A bit of unlit charwood is also added to the charcoal half of the grill so these bits can ignite from the hot coals and sustain the heat level more evenly.

Casino Mixture

With the charwood burning in the chimney starter, I can now start on the casino filling.  After adding a tablespoon of oil and cooking the pancetta or bacon in a skillet, I’ve put that aside on a paper towel lined dish and added the diced red pepper to the fat drippings in my pan.  After cooking a few minutes, I had the shallots, garlic, and parsley to the same skillet and sauté until the shallots are tender and translucent, which is about 5 minutes.  Add the white wine and simmer until it is almost evaporated.  Remove the skillet from the heat and cool completely.

our ingredients in the mixing bowl with cheese added

Assembling the Casinos

While the casino mixture is cooling, I prepare my clams.  Here you have a couple of options depending on your skill level and time management.  You can shuck the clams as normal and reserve the bottom shell with the clam, or you can steam the clams until just open, separate the top from the bottom shell, reserving the bottom shell.  I loosen the clam from the shell so it’s easier to consume with the casino mixture.  After the clams are readied, I take the cooled casino mixture and add the previously cooked pancetta or bacon, 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan, and fresh pepper mixing well.  I then take a tablespoon of the mixture and mound it over the clam in the shell.  The finished clams are placed in a grill-proof pan.

Wood Firing Brings Depth of Flavor

Chef Bert explains the indirect cooking method.


With all my top neck clams stuffed with casino filling, I sprinkle the remaining Parmesan and the 2 tablespoons of panko bread crumbs over each clam.  I am now ready to place the tray on the grill.  Since I’m using a two-zone cooking method, I can safely put the lid on the grill without concern for charring these clams too far.  With a steady temperature of about 300°F, these will take between 15-20 minutes.  You can rotate the tray if you feel the heat level in your grill is not even or steady.  For those that like a crunchy outside to the clam feel free to place these under the broiler for a few minutes.  The clams pick up the wood flavor in a very balanced way, giving just hints of charry goodness with each bit.  Super easy, super flavorful, and super fun to make.  Take your clams to the wood fire for your next event.

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about the great results had from indirect cooking or the two-zone grilling technique, as referenced in this recipe blog.  When it comes to this particular recipe, you will find that wood fired clams done on a charcoal grill with indirect heat and a simple brick heat conductor will add a distinctive smoky flavor twist to your clams casino.  This appetizer promises to be a fan favorite for any seasonal or football party!

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Dr. Smoke-try our wood-fired clams casino for something special!

Dr. Smoke-try our wood-fired clams casino for something special!