Smoke trapped in the bottle infusing the Smoked Maple Syrup Marinade

Smoke trapped in the bottle infusing the Smoked Maple Syrup Marinade

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A point that I regularly try to drive home is that when it comes to smoking foods and ingredients, it doesn’t have to be the traditional items thought of. A great example of this is our Dijon Maple Marinade recipe that is especially good with pork.

When you don’t want to smoke the actual protein, think about smoking another ingredient that will be married to the pork. For me, that was the maple syrup I use in my marinade recipe. I’ll review for you the cold smoking technique for this and then provide my recipe for this great marinade that can be used on fish, chicken, turkey, pork, and goat.

Maple Syrup Marinade- The Simple Cold Smoke Method

I’m sure you’ve read or seen some type of information for cold smoking cocktails, cheese, salt, and spices. This technique is easiest when you use one of the many types of handheld food smokers on the market today.

For my method of smoking maple syrup, I’ve selected the Gourmia® Mini Smoker which works best with a very clean, dust-free micro wood chip to produce the smoke for infusion. This is easily available from SmokinLicious®, offering a variety of sizing to fit your need in 8 hardwood species. I’ll be using the Minuto® Wood Chip Size #8 for this smoking infusion.

I’ve found the easiest method of smoking and maintaining the maple syrup, is to use a glass container like a wine bottle. Just be sure that the container is completely clean and dry.

I place about one cup of maple syrup in the glass bottle. Taking the tubing of the Gourmia® Mini Smoker, I place the end in the glass bottle. Taking just a finger size pinch or two of the wood chips, I place in the handheld food smoker’s chip bowl and then ignite the wood chips with a lighter while turning the unit’s fan on. Once the smoke is generated, I turn the unit’s van off and allow the bottle to fill with smoke. Save a cork as you can use it to plug the bottle allowing for maximum infusion of the smoke. Be sure to rotate the bottle to allow for the smoke to travel completely within the maple syrup.

Look at how nicely the glaze colors our pork roast- the maple syrup adds a nice sweet touch

Maple Syrup Marinade- The Smoked Recipe

Once the maple syrup has been smoked, it’s time to collect the other ingredients and make our marinade. Using equal parts smoked NYS maple syrup Grade A and Dijon mustard, I add 3 tablespoons of lime juice and fresh ground pepper and whisk until just combined. Taking a storage bag, I place a 4 lb. boneless pork roast inside, then pour in my Smoked Maple Syrup-Dijon Marinade. Sealing the bag, I place the bag in the refrigerator for a least 4 hours though I prefer to marinate overnight.

Preheat the oven to 325° F. Place the marinated roast in a roasting pan with rack. This will take about 75 minutes to reach 145° F internal temperature. About halfway through the cooking process, I rotate the cooking pan and spoon some of the pan juices back over the roast. That will give it a beautiful bronze finish. Remove from the oven and cut into ½” slices. The Aroma-taste of pure maple joy with a smoky kick!

Bringing you great recipes for all types of food ingredients to grill, ember cook, hot smoke, and cold smoke. We welcome your suggestions on foods you want to see smoked or charred so leave us a comment. Don’t forget to subscribe for more great recipes, techniques, tips, and the science behind the fire, smoke, and flavor.

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Dr. Smoke- try this simple technique and make NOT JUST ANY MAPLE SYRUP- but Smoked Maple Syrup Marinade!!

Dr. Smoke- try this simple technique and make NOT JUST ANY MAPLE SYRUP- but Smoked Maple Syrup Marinade!!