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SMOKED STRAWBERRY HAND PIE being filled with the Stawberry mixture with the final result in the middle! yummy

SMOKED STRAWBERRY HAND PIE is a great recipe for fresh or frozen Strawberries. The smokiness will add a special twist


Summary: This strawberries recipes for smoked strawberry hand pie using cooking wood chunks; is the art of wood fired cooking with a two-zone cooking method is easy! Using pie dough and strawberries fruit! Add this to your strawberry dessert recipes or to smoked strawberries recipes so something to delight your guests.

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It’s one of my favorite times of year – strawberry picking season! As my area of Western New York State has such a short strawberry season, I literally am consuming strawberries for three weeks straight.

Good thing they are packed with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C and K, folate, potassium, magnesium, as well as being low in calories and fiber-rich. They sure are great at filling you up which makes you eat less.

This season, I’ve got a trio of recipes all using the smoked strawberries that I’ve done on my charcoal grill. Get yourself a flat of strawberries, follow our easy smoking technique (we do have 3 to choose from that offer various levels of smoke flavor), and prepare to make simple hand pies, perfect for the hot days of summer or frankly anytime you can find strawberries.

Smoked Strawberry Hand Pie- Grill and Strawberry Prep

As I’m using a charcoal grill, I get that started first as I want a temperature of about 300°F or slightly more when the strawberries are placed on the grill. My grill has an insert system making it a bit easier to light my fuel. I place my Firestarter at the base of my chimney starter in the charcoal pan that has been filled with SmokinLicious® Charwood. I’ve also foil covered a brick to radiate additional heat to the strawberries, and placed that on one side of the charcoal area. I will use a two-zone set-up so I don’t burn the sugars in the strawberries. I light the Firestarter, place the chimney of charwood on top, and go to the kitchen to prepare the strawberries.

I’ll be preparing about 6 quarts for all three recipes I plan to make. Start with strawberries that are at their peak. Gently wash them and then trim the stem end. I cut smaller strawberries in half and larger in quarters to ensure the smoke vapor can penetrate easily. Tiny ones, I leave whole. I place my clean, trimmed strawberries into a disposable foil pan for the actual cooking on the grill, which makes clean up so easy.

pan of strawberries on the grill with Charwood

Smoked Strawberry Hand Pie- Smoking

Once the strawberries are ready for the grill, I place one chunk of hardwood on the charwood coals. This will add smoke flavor. I’ve used a double filet wood chunk to control the boldness of the smoke. The actual smoking process will only take about 15 minutes to know about halfway through, you will want to rotate your foil pan to prevent the pectin from burning. I’ll be collecting all that thicken juice after the cook and save it for a cocktail I’m making. Be sure to keep in mind that you’ll still have hot coals left when the smoked strawberries are done so use them for another cooking: maybe some charred peppers or onions, or even cook some meats as you’ll have plenty of heat left.

Smoked Strawberry Hand Pie- The Recipe

With the strawberries all smoky good, the juices thickened and rendered, it’s time to take these to the kitchen and make our hand pies. First, drain off as much of the juice as possible and capture in a container to use for other recipes. We have a great one for a strawberry marinade you should check out.

ingredients for our recipe


Next, you’ll need about 1 cup of the smoked strawberries, pie dough either homemade or store bought; 1 tablespoon cornstarch, 2 tablespoons sugar, sanding or turbinado sugar, and one egg plus 1 teaspoon of water. You’ll also need a rolling pin if making your own dough and flour for rolling out the dough, as well as 4-5-inch round cookie cutter. Cut 10 rounds from your dough and refrigerate them on a parchment lined sheet pan while you prepare the filling.

The dough cut outs ready for the filing

Smoked Strawberry Hand Pie- The Filing

Take the cup of smoked strawberries and add the tablespoon of cornstarch and the 2 tablespoons of sugar, mixing gently but well. If additional juices have rendered, pour off. Taking one dough round at a time while keeping the others refrigerated, add about 1-2 tablespoons of strawberries to one half of the round maintaining a dough border. Brush egg “wash” around the edge of the filled side of the dough round. Gently fold over the dough to make a crescent shape and seal the edges by pushing lightly with your fingertip to form a crimped edge.

filing and closing up the dough

Smoked Strawberry Hand Pie- Finishing

To finish the pies for cooking, after folding and crimping the edge, brush the surface with egg wash and sprinkle with coarse sugar. Make a small slit in each hand pie top to allow the steam to release during cooking. Make sure the hand pies are spaced out on the sheet pan to allow for juice spillage. Bake in a 400° F oven for 20-25 minutes or until crust browns. Remove from oven and allow to rest on the sheet pan for 5 minutes, then remove to a cooling rack.

Smoked Strawberry Hand Pie- Super Outcome

close up of the final baked hand pie

After a simple smoking of 15 minutes on a charcoal grill using a two-zone cooking method, pouring off the beautiful juice, and producing a pie filling, we stuffed 4-inch dough rounds with our smoked mixture producing the perfect size hand pie. After baking in the oven for about 25 minutes, although you can do that step as well on your grill of choice, we let them rest and then served them up a-la-natural though these are fabulous with a bit of fresh whipped cream or even a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Smoked Strawberry Hand Pie will be your easy dessert or snack recipe to whip up when those short-lived fresh strawberries come to town!

Tasting Notes:

The equipment you use will reflect the boldness of the smoke. If you want a mild smoke flavor infusion, use a handheld food smoker. Medium boldness will be produced on the gas/LP grill, and Bold will be produced on the Charcoal grill.

We hope this recipe inspires you to try wood-fired grilling techniques with your favorite foods. Tells us what is your favorite fruit to smoke or grill with wood and what kind of recipe do you make? Bringing innovation to wood-fired cooking with recipes, techniques and the science behind the fire, smoke, and flavor. That’s SmokinLicious®. Please try and leave a comment on our Smoked Strawberry Hand Pie recipe!

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Dr. Smokes favorite- SMOKED STRAWBERRY HAND PIE is a great recipe for fresh or frozen Strawberries. The smokiness will add a special twist

Dr. Smoke’s favorite- SMOKED STRAWBERRY HAND PIE is a great recipe for fresh or frozen Strawberries. The smokiness will add a special twist