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The Yummy Ingredients to Make a Perfect Smoked Pear Bellini Cocktail

The Yummy Ingredients to Make a Perfect Smoked Pear Bellini Cocktail

The Yummy Ingredients to Make a Perfect Smoked Pear Bellini Cocktail Click To Tweet

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Taking the popular Bellini cocktail featuring Prosecco to a new level, this recipe features smoked pear. Once you’ve followed our segment on smoking fresh pears, you’ll be ready to try this distinct cocktail. Be warned, this is not for the light, fruity drinker as this has a strong, smoky undertone giving it more of a savory flavor.

Ingredient List for Smoked Pear Bellini Cocktail:

Here’s what you will need for Smoked Pear Bellini:

Making Simple Syrup to Sweeten Things Up:

The first step to a balanced Bellini is to make the simple syrup which will provide the sweet flavor to the smoky undertone. Place a saucepan over medium-high heat and add 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar. I am using organic sugar which will give a yellow-amber hue to the finished syrup. Be sure to keep stirring the mixture until a low boil occurs. The sugar will be completely dissolved at that point. Remove from the heat and pour into a measuring cup for ease in adding to the blender. The simple syrup must cool completely prior to using in the fruit puree.

Making Smoked Pear Puree

Now it’s time to take the previously smoked pears and begin preparing for the blender. Although the skin of the pear is high in nutrient value, when smoked with the skin on, the skin can become quite dense. I will be removing most of the skin for this reason since we want a smooth puree. Using a paring knife, I remove the skin of each pear half and then cut into small cubes. I add these cubes to my blender. Be sure there are no hidden seeds. You will see the golden hue to the pear meat which resulted from the smoking process. If using a lower power blender, you may need to do this step in two parts to ensure a full puree.

Starting with the blender set to a low setting, begin blending the cut pears, slowing increasing the speed to a medium setting. Beginning adding the simple syrup in a steady stream until completely combined. Increase the blender speed to medium-high and blend until the pear puree appears fine and smooth, with no evidence of chunks.

Constructing the Smoked Pear Bellini Cocktail

I like to pour the pureed pear mixture into a serving pitcher to make it easier to make each drink serving. Get a bottle of Prosecco that has previously been chilled already. Add about a 1/3 of a glass of smoke pear puree to each serving

glass and top with chilled Prosecco. Then skewer a sliced smoke pear and rosemary sprig to each glass. Serve while still chilled.

Saluté Smoked Pear Bellini Cocktail

Using seasonal pears, in this case, Bosc variety, we bring a smoky version to the standard Bellini featuring Prosecco sparkling wine. With a simple puree of previously smoked pears, the addition of simple syrup, and a blending of the two with Prosecco, the result is a distinct, savory version of the Pear Bellini cocktail. Enjoy the Smoked Pear Bellini cocktail and don’t be afraid to add your own special additions like pomegranate, cranberry or even a bit of vodka for those who like a strong fruity cocktail. Cheers!


Dr. Smoke- One of my favorites- Smoked Pear Bellini Cocktail

Dr. Smoke- I know you will enjoy one of my all-time favorites- the Smoked Pear Bellini Cocktail!


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