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Look at these wonderful bright green chives that we will be adding a pinch of smokey flavor by our stove top smoked chives techniques

By our stove top smoked chives techniques we will be adding a pinch of smokey flavor to these wonderful bright green chives



Fresh chives are in season so why not do something different with this wonderful herb and try your hand a smoking them!  One of the easiest methods for controlling the heat and smoke level to a delicate item like herbs is to use a stove top smoker or stove top smoker set up with a cast iron pan.  The point of smoking the chives is to add a depth of flavor to any recipe.


Minuto® Wood Chips


Our favorite stove-top smoker

Be sure your smoker base pan of the stove top unit or of your cast iron pan is clean of any previous wood chips or food scraps.  Add the SmokinLicious® Gourmet Wood Products Minuto® Smoker Wood Chips in Size #6 in the base of the unit or skillet, about a dessert plate full of chips. Be sure to select a wood flavor that will not overpower the chives flavor.  My choice is Sugar Maple.  The chips should be left dry as stove top techniques work best with dry wood product.


After adding the wood chips turn the heat level of your stove to medium.  Put the cover of the unit on or a lid on the pan and let the chips begin to smoke.  On the stove top unit, keep the vent top open about ¼ turn.  You can alter the position of the lid on a skillet so it isn’t air tight.  Remember, you’ll want to trap most of the smoke into the unit or pan.  Once you see smoke vapor exit the vent, it’s time to add the chives.

Putting the chips in the bottom of the pan


Gently wash the chives and trim the bloom heads of the stalks as well as any dry bottoms.  Pat the chives dry and place in the food pan.


Using a stove top smoker will be the easiest way to get smoke flavor to each chive as the food pans have evenly placed vent holes to ensure great flavoring to every part of the food item.  Maintain a temperature of about 150°F to ensure that you don’t burn the chives.  About 10 minutes into the infusion, check the chives by lifting off the cover and see if they have taken on a golden hue.  If so, you’re about ½ way there!  At this point, the chives will begin to lose moisture and become similar to a dried herb.

After about 20 minutes, you’re ready to remove the chives and start on the next batch.  Once the smoking process is finished, starting thinking of all the uses for this flavorful herb. Be sure to check out our recipe postings to give you inspiration. Please try using our stove top smoked chives technique on this seasonal herb for a wonderful smokey flavor.

Note the smokey color on the finished product



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Dr Smoke- “Smoking chives adds a distinctively great flavor to this versatile herb.”

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